April 20

Know Me

I still have to know more about… But still somethings which I know and wanna let you know is …… ‘Don’t angry me’ ha ha ha just kidding…

The only thing I hate is Lie! no matter how bitter it is.

My world is Varun and my family. I’m proud to be what I am today.

I enjoy shopping, window shopping and even accompanying other for shopping 😉

I enjoy talking, writing, listening, preaching, blah blah blah… Similar to my profession. I rarely get bored as this word does not exist in my dictionary…

I love colors! Colors are my favourite, I just love them and for the reason ‘Holi’ is my best festival. Black repels me.

A vegetarian and a child at heart, who hates milk but loves orange juice.

I’m mad about shoes and purses…

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