June 21

En route into my Memory Lane


The Days were bright and sunny
The lives were full and funny
There were no smiles but carefree laughter
The days passed playing and nights slipped into sound slumber
No worries, no pain
At that we had was mere gain

The roads are same
The heart is same
But today what has changed is my Name!

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April 24

Happy Birthday Mom


Image by Naresh

You got me into this world
And granny got you into this world
No wonder our world’s are different
But the love and affection is same

Wish everyday of your life to be as cheerful as today
And may this year Brings in
More good health with no pain at all
And, yes off course lot of happiness and prosperity.

February 23

Love – How to be like Thee…

I know the love means happiness
I know the love means freedom
I also know the love means understanding

Thou learned so much…
Never we miss a chance to be selfish!
To put restriction, to do this or not to do that
To hurt thy love with thy piercing words
Which penetrate the heart to make it bleed

Still after these words, we sit to say
Darling ‘I Love You’
And my life is nothing without you
But I cannot assure when will I hurt you again

But, Yes your love for me always make me feel trivial
As I try to be jovial
But always fails to be Imperial…

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