November 7

Let Go!

No wonder this is a very small phrase but it holds lot of weightage in life. 

Since some last 2 months I’m a happy person and it is possible to these two magically words – Let Go!

After lot of struggle, fights and endless daunting thoughts… now I handle stuff that always slammed my face. 

And it happened when this stuff got so worse that there was no room for further discussions. That very time My soul told me let these things go. Kill the past and future, just be in present to enjoy NOW. Now which is beautiful and where I am great by myself.

I found a great companion within myself. The solitude was encouraging and was helpful to take care of myself. 

Remember nothing change for always unless you keep putting efforts to maintain it.

~ Disha

August 21

Words may lack!


Many a times we use so many words to explain our heart but have you ever noticed that these words actually kill your feelings…

Yes, Barthes (or Derrida) right understood the “Death of the Author” and for me … I just understood that they meant words will always kill the intensity of feelings. When we frame words they are influenced by our environment i.e. ethics, how other will feel, our personality, our society, and many more elements which will surely change what ultimately comes out of your pen or mouth.

Nobody apart from you will ever know what is going on inside your mind and heart unless you try to put them in words and words will always fail you…

Relax keep calm and stop making people understand how you feel. Those who are for you will surely know themselves.

Remember actions speaks louder than words!



February 28

A confession by an Employer

Employers looking outside window

Employers looking outside window…

Employer… Boss… are the names which are supposed to be hated for any reason . No matter how reasonable one is but their employees will surely find a reason to unlike them….

Today, I was sitting ideal and sipping a cup of coffee while a line of my another friend stroke my mind, he said “You do anything but the employees will never think of you ever when they get an alluring opportunity…” In my case, I argued with words but could not conquer the battle.

That conversation forced me to write this blog as an confession how it feels to be an employer. An employer like us is someone whose world revolve around his employees they are worried about the health, workload, mental state, comfort, happiness, and anything that hits their employees life. We want to spread happiness and it’s a great feeling to be able to provide employment to someone and give them the opportunity to earn a living. We care but we forget that their is only one bond here and that is monetary!

The conversation with my friend started when I discussed how did that day pass… and how one employee of mine, with whom we stood in his thick and thin and many a times we gave money from our own pocket so that he can be out of the trouble, conveyed that he can will leave (not resign) the job… and reason was that he had recently got a hike. This is not this year but a tantrum of every year. Earlier we revised the scale in order to satisfy him as he was doing his duties very nicely. But this year the work quality has been deteriorating… that day the decision was firm! And then there was a long discussion of he encouraging co-worker to leave the job blah… blah…blah!

Not going deep, into the many other incidences, this was an awakening slap on our face and a proof of my friend’s words.

But still somewhere in my heart I do not fully agree with my friend’s quote, but yeah I cannot totally ignore it too.