September 29

Road we knowingly Mis-take (Poem)

What kind of people are we,

We have a strong will but then we let it be.

We know this is not the road we like to take

But still knowingly we make this mistake.

We have friends with dead soul

We have empty laughters and hearts with hole.

The words ‘we are there for you’ is so materialistic,

That I have to confess I’ve become pessimistic!

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November 7

Let Go!

No wonder this is a very small phrase but it holds lot of weightage in life. 

Since some last 2 months I’m a happy person and it is possible to these two magically words – Let Go!

After lot of struggle, fights and endless daunting thoughts… now I handle stuff that always slammed my face. 

And it happened when this stuff got so worse that there was no room for further discussions. That very time My soul told me let these things go. Kill the past and future, just be in present to enjoy NOW. Now which is beautiful and where I am great by myself.

I found a great companion within myself. The solitude was encouraging and was helpful to take care of myself. 

Remember nothing change for always unless you keep putting efforts to maintain it.

~ Disha

August 21

Words may lack!


Many a times we use so many words to explain our heart but have you ever noticed that these words actually kill your feelings…

Yes,¬†Barthes (or Derrida) right understood the “Death of the Author” and for me … I just understood that they meant words will always kill the intensity of feelings. When we frame words they are influenced by our environment i.e. ethics, how other will feel, our personality, our society, and many more elements which will surely change what ultimately comes out of your pen or mouth.

Nobody apart from you will ever know what is going on inside your mind and heart unless you try to put them in words and words will always fail you…

Relax keep calm and stop making people understand how you feel. Those who are for you will surely know themselves.

Remember actions speaks louder than words!